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Iowa Box Culvert

Hancock developed the initial design of precast concrete Box Culverts for use in the State of Minnesota and manufactured the first concrete box installed in the state in 1974. Hancock was also instrumental in developing skewed box end sections, which allow the end sections to blend into the fill slope on skewed or non-perpendicular installations. Today, Hancock’s facilities are a model of efficiency for box production regularly building more than 40 pieces a day at one plant alone.

With superior strength and durability, precast Box Culverts provide a versatile and economical alternative to the cast-in-place concrete bridge. They are available in multiple sizes and can be installed in single, double cell or multi-line configurations.

Why Choose Us

  • Century old company with well-known reputation for precast invention and innovation.
  • Broad, experienced engineers armed with cutting-edge technology and continuing education.
  • Strong work ethic, modern equipment and large workforce for quality products and on time delivery.
  • Desire to invest in long-term customer relationships rooted in honesty and high respect.
  • Incomparable, round-the-clock customer service and technical support.

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