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Specialty Products

Our line of specialty precast solutions allows our engineers to expand their design scope and tests the creativity of our operations team. Traditionally, our motto is to listen to anyone’s precast ideas for industrial and construction applications. After learning of the concept, we gather our manufacturing teams together to discuss modifying our forms to make the vision become a precast reality.

If you have questions or are interested in one of our products, contact us directly at:
Corporate Office
17 Atlantic Ave.
Hancock, MN 56244

Precast Trench

Divider Walls


Tank Piers

Beet Barriers

Why Choose Us

  • Century old company with well-known reputation for precast invention and innovation.
  • Broad, experienced engineers armed with cutting-edge technology and continuing education.
  • Strong work ethic, modern equipment and large workforce for quality products and on time delivery.
  • Desire to invest in long-term customer relationships rooted in honesty and high respect.
  • Incomparable, round-the-clock customer service and technical support.