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Minnesota Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Hancock Concrete knows Minnesota reinforced concrete pipe. For over a century, engineers have specified Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) for its speed and versatility advantage– a reliable solution for storm water and sanitary applications manufactured in a factory controlled environment. Concrete pipe is a rigid system and the pipe is the structure.

Whereas flexible materials can be flammable and depend almost entirely on installation and backfill material for building the structure, making proper installation can be nearly impossible. Concrete pipe is your proven, reliable solution. Available in multiple shapes and sizes including round, arch, cattle or stock underpass, and several variations of special fittings.

StructureMnDOT DesignPDFDWG
Non-Gasketed Concrete PipeDesign 3000 LPDFDWG
Gasketed Concrete PipeDesign 3006 GPDFDWG
RCP ApronDesign 3100 GPDFDWG
RCP Trash Guard PDFDWG
RCP Safety Apron Design 3022 CPDFDWG
Arch PipeDesign 3014 JPDFDWG
Cattle Pass Design 3020 FPDFDWG
Cattle Pass ApronDesign 3020 FPDFDWG
RCP Energy Dissipator PDFDWG
RCP Increaser / Reducer PDFDWG

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