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Iowa Sanitary Manholes

Hancock specializes in producing custom structures for both storm water management and sanitary sewer systems taking a proactive approach to ensure the project plans and specifications are translated precisely into the finished concrete structures. We manufacture large complicated structures but also hold true to the basics: from large box manholes, lift stations and massive round manholes to basic area intakes, curb inlets and standard 48” manholes.

The precast industry continues to innovate, especially in the area of structures. Our expertise in applying new concepts and designs means we always like a good challenge in finding a precast solution. With superior strength and durability, precast concrete manholes and structures provide a versatile and economical alternative to cast-in-place concrete and other materials.

StructureSUDAS DesignPDFDWG
Sewage Air Release Valve PitSW-202PDFDWG
Circular Sanitary ManholeSW-301PDFDWG
Rectangular Sanitary ManholeSW-302PDFDWG
Sanitary Manhole over Existing SewerSW-303PDFDWG
Rectangular Bottom/Circular Top Sanitary Sewer ManholeSW-304PDFDWG
Tee-section Sanitary Sewer ManholeSW-305PDFDWG

Looking to have Hancock build a structure for you? Fill out the custom structure template below with your own measurements to help us best serve you.

Structure TemplatePDFDWG
48" Sanitary Manhole Template PDFDWG

Why Choose Us

  • Century old company with well-known reputation for precast invention and innovation.
  • Broad, experienced engineers armed with cutting-edge technology and continuing education.
  • Strong work ethic, modern equipment and large workforce for quality products and on time delivery.
  • Desire to invest in long-term customer relationships rooted in honesty and high respect.
  • Incomparable, round-the-clock customer service and technical support.

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